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Institute of Weird Noises (recorded by Dragondreams, with narration by wolf kier)

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The Institute of Weird Noises

In the night youve heard squeaks
youve heard moans youve heard creaks
& rattles & half human voices
I have it on tape
that they all escaped
from the Institute of Weird Noises

the world was once ravaged
ours ears were once savaged
by terrible bangings & rattles
the great noise catcher
Sir Oliver Thatcher
defeated the noises in battle

all those screeches & booms
were sealed in locked rooms
till they became long forgotten voices
while we blissfully slept
the noises were still kept
in the Institute of Weird Noises

we had 50 years of silence
with no nasty sound violence
our children dreamt safe from bad voices
then noise terrorists came
& with Thatcher defamed
broke into the vault of Weird Noises

they took all the howls
all the screams & the growls
& sold them to the highest bidder
& so the night & the day
began an arms race ok
something Thatcher didnt consider

the day bought some ghosts
but the night bought the most
armed itself with the noises I dread
quiet as a mouse
it creeps into my house
& unleashes them into my head

(c) tina marshall 2011


from wicked songs, track released October 17, 2011
Music Copyright 2011 Dragondreams (Paul Hudson)
Lyrics Copyright 2011 Tina Marshall
Narration by Wolf Kier.



all rights reserved


Wicked Songs Wakefield, UK

A joint project by the members of Songsmiths Anonymous, Songsmiths Advance to set to music the fantastic words written by Tina Marshall!

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